What are the Benefits of Prescription Sunglasses?

For people who suffer from vision impairment, prescription sunglasses offer protection and vision correction. Wearers can forget contact lenses, transitions and clip-ons to enjoy the sunlight in style and comfort. Although prescription sunglasses cost more than your average pair of sunglasses, they are a worthwhile investment that offer much more practical wear in the long-term.

prescription sunglasses

Suitable for Most Prescriptions

Just like regular prescription glasses, prescription sunglasses can be fitted with a number of specialist lenses to correct several vision problems. They are available for almost any lens prescription, to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness and conditions such as presbyopia. Prescription sunglasses give wearers the freedom to see clearly no matter where they are in the sunlight.

Convenient for Contact Lens Wearers

While many contact wearers choose to wear regular sunglasses as well as their contact lenses, this is not always a practical option. For example, wearing contacts might prove uncomfortable on holidays where wearers may be in contact with sand and water. By taking a break from contact lenses and opting for prescription sunglasses, wearers can any irritation or eye problems.

Wide Variety of Frame Styles

Most opticians can fit prescription lenses to any designer frame. The process is almost completely the same as with prescription glasses. This means you don’t have to jeopardise your style for your sight. Almost all designer frame brands, including Chloe, Armani and Prada, are available to suit a prescription.

The only frame exceptions are those that curve around the head as these can cause vision distortion when fitted with prescription lenses. Yet, if you really like the wraparound style, some brands do offer a similar look with a less extreme curve. Simply discuss what you’d like with your optician.

Unlimited Lens Options

Prescription sunglasses can be fitted with several different types of quality lens materials, including polycarbonate, plastic , Trivex and glass. There are also multiple other lens types to choose from which offer extra outdoor protection. Wearers can also choose from a range of lens colours and still get 100% UV protection.

If you’re an outdoor sports enthusiast or spend a lot of time near water then polarised prescription sunglasses may be right for you. As well as offering 100% UV protection and vision correction, these prescription sunglasses eliminate glare to provide joggers, golfers, bikers and skiers with a clearer and more comfortable view. The sunglasses can also be helpful for use while driving as they reduce glare from the road surface and other cars.


Investing in a pair of prescription sunglasses might set you back less than you might have thought. If you purchase a pair the same time as your regular glasses then your optician is likely to offer a discount. Many practices also offer their own range of prescription sunglasses so if you’re not too bothered about style, you can ditch the high price tag of designer names. There are also a number of retailers selling prescription sunglasses online. Although this means you won’t get the opportunity to try on the frames, you can get your lenses exact to your prescription for cheaper.

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