Spa Breaks

Whether you’ve had a hard week at work, it’s time for a holiday or you just fancy a treat, a spa break is the relaxing and rejuvenating getaway that you won’t want to end. Spend hours in and out of the pool, steam room and sauna facilities, get a full body massage or brighten up those toenails with a pedicure.


Across Wales and the UK, there are plenty of luxurious spa break venues to choose from, each offering a titillating assortment of treatments and facilities that will help you to let everything go. We’ve scanned the web to find our three favourite spa break venues to help you choose the perfect place. Read more about them below…


Get away from the hustle and bustle of your usual surroundings and escape to the beautiful Welsh valleys at the Brynmeadows spa hotel. Forget your commitments and let go of your stress as you indulge in a unique range of lavish treatments which include massages, soothing hot stones, manicures and holistic therapies. Take a dip in the hydrospa, rejuvenate in the steam rooms and relax by the poolside amongst the soft lighting, calming sounds and soothing aromas, to find a place of pure tranquillity for a whole day or a whole weekend.

Recommended Treatment:

  • The Fusion Spa Wellbeing Ritual (1hr, 15mins)

This full body treatment is especially designed to lift your mood and help you rediscover your wellbeing. It begins with a deep cleanse and exfoliation of the feet and lower leg and is then followed by a full leg massage to soothe and relieve tiredness. You can then enjoy a back, neck and shoulder massage with calming essential oils before an express facial and a scalp massage with nourishing Pink Hair and Scalp Mud.

Laguna Spa

If you’d like to mix up your spa break with a little retail therapy then why not head to the Laguna Spa in the heart of Cardiff’s city centre. You can unwind with an array of exotic treatments that are inspired by cultures from all around the world, including Polynesia, Morocco, Japan and Bali. Take a dip in the refreshing waters of the luxurious pool facilities, get a full-body scrub and pretty-up your nails with a pedicure.

Recommended Treatment:

  • Dermalogica Full Body Mud Massage Therapy with Hot Stones (55mins)

This unique full body treatment is inspired by the benefits of nature. A combination of earth clays, moisturising oils and warm basalt stones are used to massage all over the body for a detoxifying and tension-relieving experience. While the heat of the stones penetrates deep into the muscles, the natural oils leave the skin feeling gorgeously soft and smooth.

The Celtic Manor Resort

Enjoy a luxuriously tranquil experience at the spa that won two awards for its excellence in 2013. The Manor offers all-day and overnight packages, one-off pampering treatments and use of the fabulous swimming and fitness facilities. Leave your stress behind and treat yourself to a mud massage, a fabulous facial or a spell of ocean hydrotherapy.

Recommended Treatment:

  • Elemis Herbal Steam Temple

Sit under thousands of stars in a temple of exotic tranquillity as you inhale the soothing aromas of the herbal steam. The traditional Arabian cleansing ritual involves the application of coloured medicinal muds to detoxify and soften your skin before a warm tropical rain will gently clean away the mud. Enjoy on your own or with a friend and leave feeling perfectly at peace.