How to Choose a Family Law Solicitor

With so many family law solicitors offering specialist services, if you ever need to set up a prenuptial agreement, get a divorce or a separation, choosing the right person to represent you can be quite a task. To help make the job a little easier, this article provides tips about what you should look for in a family law solicitor.


Family Law Specialist

It’s important that you choose a solicitor who is a qualified specialist in family law. A specialist family law solicitor only works in this field of law and will therefore have significant experience with the services you require. As they specialise in one area of law this also means that they can stay abreast of developments to offer you a valid and up to date service. Visit the Law Society and Legal 500 websites to search for specialist family law solicitors and then head to their individual website profiles to find out more about their experience.

It’s also worthwhile to choose a solicitors firm which specialises in family law as a whole. If the firm has a significant section about family law on their website and a team of family law solicitors then this suggests that they are committed to and well experienced in this area of their services.

Personal Recommendations

One of the most effective ways to find a good family law solicitor is to ask around for recommendations from family and friends. If you know someone who has used a solicitor to represent them for a family law case then you can get an individual’s name. You’ll then have the opportunity to do some research around that individual, by reading their online profile and even arranging a chat in person or over the telephone.

Choose a Collaborative Family Law Solicitor

By choosing a family law solicitor who is trained to adopt a constructive approach, you can be assured that your divorce or separation case will be managed in the least hostile and stressful way. Collaborative law solicitors are committed to handling cases in a way that minimises the stress between parties. Collaborative cases are handled in meetings outside of court saving you the expense and stress of a court case.

Make sure the Family Law Solicitor offers Value for Money

Before you commit to instructing a family law solicitor, make sure you have looked at their fees and compared them to that of other firms. Whereas some firms offer a ‘fixed-fee’ basis, others offer services on a ‘time-costed’ basis. The latter is usually the most reliable as the former limits what can be done for the client. By choosing a solicitor who works at an hourly rate you have the peace of mind that they are not limited in how they help you and will provide all they can to see your case through.

Access to other Areas of Expertise

Family law issues such as divorce, separation and children agreements can throw up issues in regards to other areas of law such as property and wills. If you choose a family law solicitor from a firm that specialises in a wide range of law areas then you can be assured that both yourself and your solicitor will have easy access to any other expertise required.


If you have your heart set on a solicitor a little further away than you would’ve liked then this isn’t necessarily a reason not to go ahead with an enquiry. Many solicitors are willing to travel to clients for an initial meeting and in many cases, the following work can be done in the office with any communication conducted over the telephone and email. Choosing a family law solicitor a little further away could also be beneficial if you live in the city as centrally located solicitors may charge higher rates.


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