Sports Products

For many, sport is a vital part of a rich and enjoyable lifestyle. Sport doesn’t rely on the weather and almost anybody can find an activity that they can love and learn. While some prefer to play team sports such as football, netball and rugby, others prefer to play Tennis, Badminton or Table Tennis against an opponent.

Two sporting activities that have lately become all the more popular don’t rely on a team or an opponent but can be enjoyed alone. Free diving and spearfishing make for the latest craze of water sports that lots of people are beginning to enjoy. Let’s find out more about them…

free diving

What is Freediving?

Freediving is a method of diving completely free of equipment. Free divers do not use oxygen tanks or any other breathing facilities but instead simply hold their breath when exploring the underwater world. Free divers can also reach greater depths than scuba divers who are held back by tanks. Although the sport seems intimidating, many people can learn if they take the time and are committed.

Although freediving is an extreme activity, it also involves a lot of peace and relaxation in contrast to the speed and adrenaline of others. Some see it as a means of hunting fish underwater, others see it as a form of self expression and further people enjoy the sport as a way of feeling at one with the ocean. Regardless of what one might love about free diving, the practice of Apnea (holding the breath) is a form of meditation which can improve one’s concentration and wellbeing.

What is Spearfishing?


Spear fishing is the activity of hunting fish underwater while freediving, scuba diving or snorkelling. The method is ancient and involves the use of a spear or a speargun to catch the fish immediately. Unlike rod fishing, spearsos can be selective in the fish they catch, able to size up their choice before they make their move. It is easier to catch larger fish with spearfishing and the fish are also able to die shortly after they are caught. Spearfishing can be enjoyed while scuba diving, snorkelling or freediving.

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How to Spear a Fish in 5 Quick Steps

  1. Choose clear water to fish and wear the appropriate diving gear. Ensure you’re in a spot where there are suitable fish to catch then focus on a fish that appears to be unaware of your presence.
  2. Ensure your speargun has its safety feature enabled and then cock your spear. Let your weight push you towards the fish and take care not to kick your legs. Do not make rapid movements or you’ll frighten the fish.
  3. Creep slowly towards the fish and try to position yourself behind a rock or seaweed to hide yourself from the fish.
  4. Extend your arm out halfway, leaving room to lengthen your reach at the final moment of attack. When you’re positive the fish is within range, aim for the head of the fish and release the spear.
  5. When your prey is speared, swim quickly to the fish to take hold of it then swim to the surface.

How to Choose the Best Sports Equipment

There are plenty of sports to get involved with and plenty of luxury brands on the market offering all types of sports equipment. Yet, how do you know which product will be the safest, most reliable and most efficient for your preferred sport? Keep these 5 tips in mind when you purchase:

  1.        Buy from an established brand that specialises in your preferred sport.
  2.        Ask your fellow sportsmen for advice and reviews on products to solicit multiple opinions.
  3.        Discuss your options with a qualified member of staff at the store.
  4.        If relevant, try on for size before you buy.
  5.        If relevant, purchase gear that is appropriate to your skill level.

Whether you love basketball, squash, tennis, spearfishing or freediving, if you choose the best sports equipment then you can trust that you’ll have fun with your sport year after year.