Designer Eyewear

Eyewear is no longer just a necessity but a style statement. There are so many different shapes, sizes, colours and brands of frames available that anybody can find a pair to suit. But with so many options out there, how do you choose?


Designer Glasses

Almost all of the top luxury fashion brands have frame collections, including Calvin Klein, Paul Smith, Prada, Chloe and Armani. Designs take inspiration from the styles and colours that feature in the brand’s clothing and accessory products, with each collection offering a huge range of different shapes and finishes. You can choose eyewear from the brand you know and love and if you’re super fashion chic, you can get more than one pair to match every outfit.

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Let’s explore what makes 3 of our favourite designer frame brands so great:

  • Paul Smith

Paul Smith’s men’s and women’s eyewear is built for easy wear and comfort. Frames are available in various unique and eye-catching block colours and many designs also feature tinted lenses. Frames are also relatively thick, for a style that is contemporary British.

  • Armani for Men

Emporio Armani eyewear is a mix of classic and modern. Colour shades are warm and include browns, greens and golds that blend beautifully with the skin. Frames are made for easy wear with each design featuring subtle patterns and the iconic eagle logo.


Who needs the sun to wear sunglasses? Nowadays, you can strut your stuff with sunglasses no matter where you are and what the weather. While you’re turning heads in your latest pair, you’ll also get 100% UV protection as designer sunglasses only ever provide the best quality. But how can you possibly choose a pair from such a wide selection? Here are some details about 3 of our favourite sunglasses brands to help you out:

  • Prada for Women

Prada sunglasses make a statement like no other. Inspired by retro American fashion, they are detailed, colourful and oozing femininity. Their unique curves, jewelling and classic lens tinting make them an unmissable accessory.

  • Ray-Ban for Men

Ray-Ban sunglasses feature one of the most iconic and fashionable styles of the past few years. The wide semi-circle lenses and thick, dark frames make for a simultaneously subtle and statement choice of eyewear. The brand also features a range of larger but thinner frames with authentic leather detailing and brown tints.

  • Michael Kors

Michael Kors is renowned for his exquisite incrusted watches, statement catwalk clothing and gorgeous fragrances and all of this glamour is seamlessly translated into his collection of designer sunglasses. Frames are bold and colourful, featuring gold detailing, stripes of crystals and the Michael Kors logo on each arm.

How to Choose the Right Glasses or Sunglasses for your Face Shape


You may have fallen in love with your perfect pair of designer spectacles or shades but will they suit your face shape? While the size of your glasses should be in proportion to your face, the shape of your glasses should contrast with your face. Confused? Stick to these tips for the best results…

Oval Face

If you have an oval face shape you can pull off almost any style of frame. Yet, square shaped frames with gently rounded edges are often the most flattering.

Round Face

To set off a round face shape, you should choose frames that will help your face to appear longer and thinner. Consider eywear that is equal in size or a little wider than the broadest part of your face and add definition with angular or double brow styles. Frames with higher temples will craft a longer profile while brow bars will also help to lengthen the face.

Diamond Face

Select oval sunglasses or curved square frames to complement high cheekbones, a narrow forehead and chin. These will help to widen and soften the contours of the face. Ensure your frames are wider than your cheekbones.

Squared Face

Those with wide cheekbones, a broad forehead and a strong jaw line can reduce the appearance of their facial angles by choosing a soft, curvy frame styles. Cat-eye and oval shapes will work well.

Oblong Face

If you have a particularly long face shape, opt for frames that do not extend beyond the widest part of your face. Round or square shapes will help to break up the length of your face and those with decorative or contrasting temples can add width

Triangle Face

A triangle face shape has a wide forehead and a narrow jaw. To help soften the angles of your lower face, accent the eye area with cat-eye frames. As these angle outward in the top corners, they help to balance with the jaw line. Frames with a thick top but rimless bottom can also work well.