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How to Choose a Family Law Solicitor

With so many family law solicitors offering specialist services, if you ever need to set up a prenuptial agreement, get a divorce or a separation, choosing the right person to represent you can be quite a task. To help make the job a little easier, this article provides tips about what you should look for in a family law solicitor.


Family Law Specialist

It’s important that you choose a solicitor who is a qualified specialist in family law. A specialist family law solicitor only works in this field of law and will therefore have significant experience with the services you require. As they specialise in one area of law this also means that they can stay abreast of developments to offer you a valid and up to date service. Visit the Law Society and Legal 500 websites to search for specialist family law solicitors and then head to their individual website profiles to find out more about their experience.

It’s also worthwhile to choose a solicitors firm which specialises in family law as a whole. If the firm has a significant section about family law on their website and a team of family law solicitors then this suggests that they are committed to and well experienced in this area of their services.

Personal Recommendations

One of the most effective ways to find a good family law solicitor is to ask around for recommendations from family and friends. If you know someone who has used a solicitor to represent them for a family law case then you can get an individual’s name. You’ll then have the opportunity to do some research around that individual, by reading their online profile and even arranging a chat in person or over the telephone.

Choose a Collaborative Family Law Solicitor

By choosing a family law solicitor who is trained to adopt a constructive approach, you can be assured that your divorce or separation case will be managed in the least hostile and stressful way. Collaborative law solicitors are committed to handling cases in a way that minimises the stress between parties. Collaborative cases are handled in meetings outside of court saving you the expense and stress of a court case.

Make sure the Family Law Solicitor offers Value for Money

Before you commit to instructing a family law solicitor, make sure you have looked at their fees and compared them to that of other firms. Whereas some firms offer a ‘fixed-fee’ basis, others offer services on a ‘time-costed’ basis. The latter is usually the most reliable as the former limits what can be done for the client. By choosing a solicitor who works at an hourly rate you have the peace of mind that they are not limited in how they help you and will provide all they can to see your case through.

Access to other Areas of Expertise

Family law issues such as divorce, separation and children agreements can throw up issues in regards to other areas of law such as property and wills. If you choose a family law solicitor from a firm that specialises in a wide range of law areas then you can be assured that both yourself and your solicitor will have easy access to any other expertise required.


If you have your heart set on a solicitor a little further away than you would’ve liked then this isn’t necessarily a reason not to go ahead with an enquiry. Many solicitors are willing to travel to clients for an initial meeting and in many cases, the following work can be done in the office with any communication conducted over the telephone and email. Choosing a family law solicitor a little further away could also be beneficial if you live in the city as centrally located solicitors may charge higher rates.


10 Health Benefits of Spa Breaks

Spa breaks are the perfect way to get away from it all, de-stress and enjoy some well-deserved me-time. Yet, there are more benefits to a weekend pamper than you might think. This article looks at the 10 top benefits of spa breaks: how they’re good for your health, your mind and your general wellbeing.

10 health benefits of spa breaks

1.       De-stress

The anxieties and pressures of everyday life at work and home can easily build up to cause stress. And stress is more than an awful feeling – it has a detrimental effect on the mind and the body. It can weaken the immune system to leave you feeling under the weather and can even lead to serious illness in the long-term. Luxury spa breaks can help you get away from the strain and relax your mind. A calm swim in the pool, a full body massage and activities such as yoga can all help you to wind down and rebuild a positive attitude.

2.       Detox

A spa break is the perfect opportunity to treat your body and mind to a detox. Everyday, we naturally take in toxins from the air, water, food and chemicals and these substances are known to have harmful effects on the body. A long sweat in the sauna, spells in the hot Jacuzzi and periods of deep-breathing are all activities that can help to eliminate toxins from the body. Plus, you can power-up your detox by drinking plenty of water and eating plenty of fibre; a healthy diet will regenerate your system and boost your immunity. Some spa breaks even offer tailored detox diet plans so you can get a super intense cleanse from your stay.

3.       Get Pampered

Something truly tempting about spa breaks is the opportunity to get top to toe pampered by an array of luxury treatments. Indulging in a full body massage, a hot stones back treatment, a facial or even a pedicure can help you feel good in mind and body. Aromatherapy steam rooms, calming fitness activities such as Pilates and a relaxing swim in the pool can also leave you feeling re-energised. Spa breaks are a great way to take time out for yourself and boost your spirit.

10 health benefits of spa breaks

4.       Weight Loss

If you’re finding it hard to lose those extra pounds then heading off to a spa break may be the answer. In the peaceful environment away from the temptations of your telly and kitchen cupboards, you can really hone in on what you want to achieve. Many spa hotels offer tailored health breaks centred around diet, fitness and losing weight. What you learn could be instrumental in the path to changing your lifestyle and reaching your weight loss goals.

5.       Fitness

Even if you aren’t looking to lose weight, spa breaks are just the thing for getting fit and having fun. After a weekend of yoga, Pilates and personal training sessions, you’ll feel revitalised and can return home with a more positive outlook on exercise. Keeping fit will help you to feel healthier in mind and body as exercise releases those all important endorphins: chemicals which boost your immune system and overall wellbeing. Get a bunch of great fitness ideas from your break and then transform your lifestyle when you get home.

6.       Aches and Pains

If your body is feeling pretty cranky from weeks of 9-5 in the office chair then a spa break may be the answer. Spa hotels offer a wide range of aches and pains relief therapies which include massages, aromatherapy treatments, acupuncture and physiotherapy. You can work out those tense knots, see to that back pain and treat any problem areas with a well-deserved spell of body pampering.

7.       Sleep

Sleep is something many of us don’t get enough of. While getting at least 8 hours per night is important for re-energising our bodies, sleep is also vital for maintaining healthy skin and positivity. Many spa breaks offer sleep enhancement programmes which give you the chance to catch up on some all-important shut-eye. If you’re having problems sleeping, therapists can diagnose sleeping medication, massages and reflexology as well as tailored diet plans. There’s also the chance to learn about healthy sleeping positions and postures to improve your sleeping cycles.

10 health benefits of spa breaks

8.       Anti-ageing

One of the most popular elements of spa breaks is their anti-ageing treatments. If you’re worried about a build-up of wrinkles or feeling down in the dumps about ‘getting on’ then a spa holiday can help you look and feel younger. Enjoy feeling revitalised inside and out after skincare treatments, body peels and facials targeted at clogged pores and wrinkles. There’s also the chance to speak to professional skincare therapists about personal skin care plans and routines so you can continue to feel and look younger when you return home.

9.       Healthy Diet

If you find it hard to stick to healthy balanced meals on a daily basis then a spa break is the ideal way to get back on track. Many spa hotels provide tailored diet plans rich in wholesome fruit and vegetables to boost your immune system and help you improve how you eat. You can also pick up some new tips about juicing diets, smoothies and fasting to remove toxins. Leave your spa break feeling healthier, less stressed and energised.

10.   Prevention

Many spa breaks have now increased their focus on preventing health problems. With stress and depression becoming more widespread problems, many spa breaks are offering treatments targeted specifically at calming the mind and releasing anxieties. Massages, nutrition, fitness regimes and therapy sessions can help you get back a positive attitude and boost your immune system. Spa breaks could play an important role in your healthy and happy future.

What are the Benefits of Prescription Sunglasses?

For people who suffer from vision impairment, prescription sunglasses offer protection and vision correction. Wearers can forget contact lenses, transitions and clip-ons to enjoy the sunlight in style and comfort. Although prescription sunglasses cost more than your average pair of sunglasses, they are a worthwhile investment that offer much more practical wear in the long-term.

prescription sunglasses

Suitable for Most Prescriptions

Just like regular prescription glasses, prescription sunglasses can be fitted with a number of specialist lenses to correct several vision problems. They are available for almost any lens prescription, to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness and conditions such as presbyopia. Prescription sunglasses give wearers the freedom to see clearly no matter where they are in the sunlight.

Convenient for Contact Lens Wearers

While many contact wearers choose to wear regular sunglasses as well as their contact lenses, this is not always a practical option. For example, wearing contacts might prove uncomfortable on holidays where wearers may be in contact with sand and water. By taking a break from contact lenses and opting for prescription sunglasses, wearers can any irritation or eye problems.

Wide Variety of Frame Styles

Most opticians can fit prescription lenses to any designer frame. The process is almost completely the same as with prescription glasses. This means you don’t have to jeopardise your style for your sight. Almost all designer frame brands, including Chloe, Armani and Prada, are available to suit a prescription.

The only frame exceptions are those that curve around the head as these can cause vision distortion when fitted with prescription lenses. Yet, if you really like the wraparound style, some brands do offer a similar look with a less extreme curve. Simply discuss what you’d like with your optician.

Unlimited Lens Options

Prescription sunglasses can be fitted with several different types of quality lens materials, including polycarbonate, plastic , Trivex and glass. There are also multiple other lens types to choose from which offer extra outdoor protection. Wearers can also choose from a range of lens colours and still get 100% UV protection.

If you’re an outdoor sports enthusiast or spend a lot of time near water then polarised prescription sunglasses may be right for you. As well as offering 100% UV protection and vision correction, these prescription sunglasses eliminate glare to provide joggers, golfers, bikers and skiers with a clearer and more comfortable view. The sunglasses can also be helpful for use while driving as they reduce glare from the road surface and other cars.


Investing in a pair of prescription sunglasses might set you back less than you might have thought. If you purchase a pair the same time as your regular glasses then your optician is likely to offer a discount. Many practices also offer their own range of prescription sunglasses so if you’re not too bothered about style, you can ditch the high price tag of designer names. There are also a number of retailers selling prescription sunglasses online. Although this means you won’t get the opportunity to try on the frames, you can get your lenses exact to your prescription for cheaper.

For more information about prescription sunglasses visit:

5 Spectacular Destinations to Go Freediving across the Globe

Freediving is all about taking a deep breath and aiming deep to explore the wonderful wildlife of the underwater world. Many professional freedivers have a favourite location to practise while others are always on the lookout for their next ocean adventure. Whether you’re a pro or eager to master the sport, here’s our pick of the 5 most visually stunning locations to explore the deep:

1.       The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

One of the Natural Wonders of the World and home to more than 1,200 miles of beautiful underwater environments, The Great Barrier reef takes first position on our list (of course). There’s more than anyone could ever wish to explore amongst the world’s largest structure of living organisms which is comprised of nearly 2900 reefs.

Keen beginners or experts can take to the waters as there are plenty of creatures to discover, both in the shallows and away from the shore. Freedivers can investigate the eerie wrecks or take to the challenging walls and drop-offs to find swarms of colourful creatures, including clownfish, parrotfish, hammerheads and turtles.


2.       The Maldives

The bright white sand and gorgeous tropical sun might be more than enough to enjoy but go underwater and there’s much more magnificence to be discovered. The reef is home to such a variety of species that no matter how many times you take to the deep, you’re likely to come across a creature you haven’t seen. Witness schools of parrot fish, sweetlips and sponges while you keep an eye out for those nippy Barracudas on the hunt.

3.       The Great Blue Hole, Belize

This sinkhole off the Belize coast in Mexico is an extraordinary sight from above but an even more magical experience underwater. The 480ft deep spot of deep blue water is home to some of the most amazing limestone formations in the world. If you’re feeling brave, you could take a dive to meander between the huge stalactites and pass ways with the odd Hammerhead Shark lurking in the dark.

For a brighter and more colourful experience, stay in the shallows to explore the Lighthouse reef that surrounds the sinkhole. The area is full of cleaning shrimp and neon gobies while angelfish and butterfly fish are also likely to make a visit.


4.       Red Sea Reef, Egypt

Stretching 1,000 miles between the African and Asian shores, the Red Sea is the dwelling place for thousands of species. Amongst the vast reefs, pinnacle, coral gardens and shipwrecks, divers can experience excellent visibility and huge swarms of creatures. El Gouna, Sharm el Sheik and Marsa Alam are some of the most popular places to dive off the coast of Egypt.

5.       Bunaken, Indonesia

Where better to go freediving than a spot where you have the chance to see up to 70% of all the fish species in the Western Pacific Ocean? The reefs off the coast of Bunaken are lively with various species and divers can even enter the protected area of Bunaken’s Marine Park, to witness some of the most distinctive fish in the world.

Bunaken is well-known for its dramatic drop-off walls that are rich in corals and swarming with Butterflyfish. You’ll also have a good chance of spending some time with turtles, seahorses and scorpion fish.

If you’re itching to get on the next plane to experience all the wonders of the deep then what are you waiting for? Get your freediving equipment, get trained up and get in the water.

Spring/Summer 2014 Designer Eyewear Trends


Shield your eyes from the summer heat and stay fashion-hot with these new designer sunglasses trends for 2014. Transform your eyewear wardrobe with odd shapes, bold colours, florals and a touch of the ocean to stay super style savvy.

Social Media Warps

Almost everybody is on a social network these days, whether it’s to post holiday photos, to stay abreast of the gossip or to stalk an ex, but who would have thought an online trend could have an impact on fashion? The first super scorching style to hit our SS 2014 catwalks is inspired by the idea that our online world is only a distortion of real life. As you look out for the sun, look out for rose-tinted lenses from O’Neill’s Driftwood range and for a sepia view of the world, gold-tinted lenses from Maui Jim and Carerra.

Get Your Shape On

Feeling rather mathematical? You sure will with the new algebraic look that is taking hold. Forget shine and fuss, these designs revolve around angular shapes and bold monochrome colours. For a statement look that fits the clothing fashion trend, Chloe and Marni feature a range of geometric shaped frames with hexagonal lenses. Emporio Armani and Prada also stay neutral with colours whilst placing a high emphasis on the brow bar in their designs.

Feeling Fishy?

When we think summer, we think the sun, the beach and the seaside, so it seems only natural that a hot SS trend is inspired by the ocean. Designers are opting for vibrant turquoises, teals and blues, to incorporate ocean hues with minimalism. The new Superdry and Vera Wang collections feature glass textured frames for a cloudy ocean look while Scott Harris and Prodesign experiment with partially clear frames for a floating lens effect.

Floral and Fun

When we think summer, if we don’t think the seaside, we think flowers, and the final 2014 trend is right on top of this year-in-year-out feminine floral look. Inspired by gardens and the blooming beauty of the outdoors, this trend features vibrant pinks, earth greens and cute embellishments. Mui Mui and Valentino introduce frames that are evocative of spring shrubbery while Dolce & Gabanna and Lafont present new and exciting floral prints.

House of Holland have added a fantasy element to their designs with mirrored lenses while Lafont, Kate Spade and Alexander McQueen are just some of the designers to adorn their frames with sparkles, studs and silhouettes.

What Else?

Fusing last year’s geek style with this year’s mathematical look, Prada, among other designers, are sporting “false clip-on” designs. These frames are simple and include a thin metal bar across the brow-line to give the appearance that the lenses are clipped on. Ray Ban and the flattering cat-eye shape are also set to retain their popularity while oversized, 70s style round frames are tearing up the catwalk.

Do you dare to go bold in a pair of octagonal frames or will you be sticking with a trusty pair of floral cat-eyes this summer?